Fine Art Polo Prints

Lucilla studied at the Ruskin School of Fine Art & Drawing, Oxford. On leaving she established a reputation as one of the most accomplished and respected painters of horses in action. From a lifetime involvement with her subject, she has a deep understanding of equine nature.

Over the past few years Lucilla has spent much of her time in Andalusia, attending the Santa Maria Polo Club Sotogrande, drawing from life at practices and tournaments. Using her unique ability to capture dynamic movement in a few simple lines, she expresses the excitement and beauty of horses and players in action.

‘’Since early childhood horses have been a passion, involved with either riding, training or drawing them, they were my first medium for contact and expression. In Art and history the horse has been a symbol of power, strength, freedom and spirituality - I am inspired to capture that essence’’

The imagination, flair and expressive technique with which she paints have made galleries and private buyers world wide eager to have her work.
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